First Annual East End Neighborhood Cleanup – Big Success

By Carol McCracken

Whether you count the number of volunteers who showed up for the East End Neighborhood Cleanup or the number of truck loads it took to haul away the huge trash bags full of trash, the East End Neighborhood Cleanup was a huge success.

This was the consensus of the thirty-five or so volunteers who gathered together at noon yesterday in front of the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization office on Congress Street to tie up loose ends after swarming all over the Hill to collect trash accumulated that morning. Hill resident Jill Sady and an employee of CIEE on Fore Street was pleased with the event and said she expects to be back next year. There were seven students participating in the CIEE program who were part of the cleanup effort. Some of the students were from Thailand and the Phillipines. There are a significant number of employees of CIEE who live on the Hill and participated in this First Annual East End Neighborhood Cleanup as well.

Jill thanked all of her volunteers who participated in the cleanup. She also thanked Coffee-By-Design for supplying coffee for them as well as Home Depot for supplying trash bags. Fetch supplied pooper scoopers. Anton Ward donated the use of his truck to pick-up trash as did Will Gorham.