Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad To Be “Homeless”? asks Susan S. Davis, Director.

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Sunday, MHN received a press release written by Susan S. Davis, Director, of the narrow gauge Museum dated November 15, 2009.  However, after putting up the above title and starting to write the story, a closer look at the press release MHN determined that  the content in the body of the press release is  several years ago.  MHN tried unsuccessfully to verify the press release with three Museum officials.  

Apparently, this WAS a press release used several years ago when the Museum launched a campaign  to  pay off its less than $175,000 mortgage so it could its money could go solely  toward the rent for the facility at Portland Yacht Services.  At that time, the rent for the facility at PYS was upgraded to about $60,000. from nothing.

The title of the press release was the above title.  MHN can only assume that someone close to the situation was having fun resending the press release.