Compass Project Launches Boat at East End Boat Ramp & Spurwink Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Winkaspeedia on her maiden trip following her launching this morning

Winkaspeedia on her maiden trip following her launching this morning

By Carol McCracken (Post # 481)

This morning’s launch of an Echo Bay Dory Skiff at East End Boat Ramp was the celebration of months of hard work by students from around the area. It was also the first boat launch of the Compass Project at the East End location for the season. Another boat launch is scheduled for Monday, June 7th at 11 am for East End Community School students. The name of the skiff is “Dust Island.”

Jodi Carpenter, instructor in the boat building program for Compass Project, led the celebration for the dozen or so students attending. She offered a blessing and christening of “winkaspeedia” before it was launched into Casco Bay.

Earlier this year, The Compass Project, became a community based organization of Spurwink. Sonia Garcia, director of marketing, for Spurwink said: “We’ve taken on this Project and two other similar grass roots programs in Maine. These are grass roots programs that would have gone under if we hadn’t. They are good at what they do. Pat Ryan is a social worker as well as a sailor.” Ryan is the executive director of The Compass Project. It’s located at 170 Anderson Street.

The Project was founded in 2002 by Ryan for at risk children. The program is designed to help build confidence by working together as a team. It also builds social and other skills. Spurwink was founded 50 years ago by a social worker who didn’t believe children had to go to an institution to live. It now has seven schools in the area and the Portland Help Service.

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