$1,000 Reward For Return of Scientific Equipment Belonging to GAMBO; Theft Threatens Future Climate Change Research in Greenland for French Crew

By Carol McCracken (Post # 495)

Captain Nolwenn Chauche (see above right) announced this morning that essential equipment was stolen from the artic research vessel GAMBO earlier this week. The missing equipment is vital to the exploration of fjords on the western coast of Greenland where GAMBO is headed next month. Without the recovery of this scientific equipment, GAMBO’s on-going climate change research will be forced to end. There is a $1,000 reward for the return of the sonar equipment to GAMBO offered by Captain Chauche; (not Phin Sprague as reported in a local paper.) She’s currently located at Portland Yacht Servces where she is out of the water and preparing for the trip which was to begin early in July.

Captain Chauche and his crew, Max DeNeuville, ( see above left) both from France, first discovered that the equipment was missing mid-week. The irreplaceable equipment was under GAMBO resting on the ground next to the keel. The two spent several days searching the grounds of Portland Yacht Services “PYS” to no avail. PYS is homeport to GAMBO for the second year in a row as she prepares for her second research trip to Greenland from PYS.

The 45 ft. steel-hulled cutter is a well-known research vessel with a long history of world-wide exploration. According to Captain Chauche she’s been to Alaska, New Zealand, Antarctica and South America. Dr. Alun Hubbard, a glaciologist, from Wales, is her owner.

“We need to find this equipment or the research trip is over. It’s finished,” said Captain Chauche this morning at the PYS offices. He was studying PYS camera video of the area for the past week. “There is a reward of $1,000 for whomever returns the equipment. I just need my equipment back.”

Police have been notified of the stolen equipment. Please contact Phin Sprague, Jr. of PYS if you have any questions or contact the police department.

MHN.com has been reporting on GAMBO since she arrived at Portland Yacht Services last spring. To read more about her, please read post # 464, dated May 12, 2009 as well as previous posts.