Trader Joe’s Opens In Portland; 11/1/10 – SEE CORRECTED DATE BELOW…

Trader Joe's - Scheduled to Open; 11/1/10

By Carol McCracken (Post # 540)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since writing post # 603, has written Post # 619 about the opening day of the store and the long lines – both to check-out and outside the store. That’s post # 619.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since writing this post, # 540, Trader Joe’s has announced it plans to open on Friday, October 29, at 8 am. The address is 87 Marginal Way, Portland. The date has been moved up from November 1. Please see Post # 603, dated October 6th.

Yesterday afternoon the doors at the future Trader Joe’s were wide open – but the interior of the building was only open to the carpenters, plumbers, electricians and others who are currently rennovating the Marginal Way space to the company’s specifications.

A subcontractor at the site said that the new store is scheduled to open on November 1st – that’s when the doors will be wide open to the public. He also confirmed what has reported previously – that this store is by far the largest one TJ’s has. The site is the former Wild Oats, next to Eastern Mountain Slopes.

Meanwhile, back at the busy parking lot at Whole Foods, shoppers were generally looking forward to the opening of the new store in the area. Two women were particularly enthusiastic about the move. “Kate”  said she’s looking forward to their cheap wine. Emily Norse, said:  “I’m excited because they do builk things economically – like big bags of  nuts and the like.”  Norse said she’s visited a number of TJ’s stores in Massachusetts.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Where is everyone going to park?!