Update to Guilty Before Proven Innocent in Portland? — “A Bump In The Park”

By Carol McCracken (Post # 1,030)

This is an effort to update the previous article without the necessary information to do it, if that makes sense!

Yesterday, Thursday, mhn.com called city attorney Gary Wood to get an update on the “paperwork” referred to in the previous post. Wood did not return my phone call; hopefully he’ll do that soon and explain the “paperwork” to me referred to in the previous post.

However, mhn.com did learn from others that Big John did indeed leave Lincoln Park at 8 pm and is not permitted to return to it in the near future, if ever. MHN.com’s takes strong issue with the manner in which he was evicted from the park – given three hours to take down his tent, empty the considerable contents of it and be on his way – somewhere. It seemed, frankly, like a Gaztapo action – taken on an individual with no recourse to him. MHN.com does not resort to such controversial language, but frankly the actions of the three police officers made me think about what a “police state” might be like. Acting Chief Sauschuck thought 3 hours was sufficient and he’s the boss, although I don’t agree. Others agree with me.

MHN.com also took serious exception to the comments by a Lt. that MHN.com is anti-police, etc. When mhn.com told the Lt. that she intended to use those comments in her blog, he said: “Jesus Christ. You wouldn’t really, would you?”

After several days of headaches and now a stomach ache which are getting more severe, mhn.com has put a name to these ailments! I’m terrified of the Portland police. I’m terrified that the same thing might happen to me in Lincoln Park or somewhere else – this time with no one watching. Now that mhn.com has been labeled “anti-police” and more by the Portland Police. On Thursday afternoon at Lincoln Park, mhn.com was bumped into, hard, by a police officer after politely and respectfully asking questions about an on-going arrest. The Bump took place on one of the walkways at Lincoln Park as passed by each other.

I hope my headaches and stomach problems go away soon because I do feel stressed and it’s not pleasant. It’s hard, frankly, to do what I love best; report news of the Hill under these circumstances. At least I’ve put a name to my ailments and that’s good.

Humor is an important part of MHN.com’s life when coping with stress as we all do at times. Crowds – find crowds in which to hide from the Bumps. If there is a parade coming up, I’ll be in the middle of it. Crowds at the Mall might be another place to hide out from Bumps when this wretched headache and stomach in turmoil go away – as long as its crowded I’m good to go!