City Manager Rees Requests Response From OccupyMaine by 12/15th; Paper Trail Continues Between City & “OM”

By Carol McCracken (Post # 1,039)

City Manager Mark H. Rees has written John Branson, pro bono attorney for OccupyMaine to inform the city by Thursday, Frday, 15 of what the group intends to do in view of the fact that the city council denied its application for an amended permit at its last meeting.

The three page letter from Rees, dated December 9th, was released by the city today. In it Rees said that the vote, 8-1, against issuing the permit “means that your clients cannot continue to keep the tents and other structures in Lincoln Park nor do they have the right tocontinue to exclusively use the space in the park that is taken up by the tents and other structures that they have placed there, use the park for camping or any similar residential use, or activites related to a residential use, or be in the park after 10:00 pm or before 6:30 am.”

Rees’ letter continues that no action against OccupyMaine at Lincoln Park will be taken in the meantime. However, protestors will be given at least 48 hours written notice should any removal or any structures or any of the members at Lincoln Park be scheduled.

The general assembly of OccupyMaine is expected to vote on its options at its meeting on Sunday, December 11th. Some that spoke with believe the court route will be decided upon by the group.