Phase 2 of Hampton Inn (Formerly Jordan’s Meats Co.) Delayed ‘Til Next Fall

Phase 2, To Be Built Here, Has Been Delayed ‘Til Next Fall

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,228)

 The construction of phase 2 of the Hampton Inn by the Sea has been delayed for at least a year.  The second phase of the former Jordan’s Meats Co, located in Portland’s Old Port was to have begun this fall.  The reason for the delay is the loss of a tenant in one of the buildings, according to sources close to the situation. Construction had been slated to begin on this $18 million dollar deal  before the winter weather set in, but that won’t happen now.

This past August the city gave unanimous approval for a tax break for phase 2 of the development which was to have included street-level retail, offices and 18 high-end, ($500,000.)luxury condominiums on about an acre of land, with the entrance on India Street.   Parking was to have been provided for both office workers and condominium owners. 

In February of 2010, Mark Woglon and Greg Keish, principals in the Old Port Hospitality LLC, and officers in Opeeche  Construction, NH., bought the former Jordan’s Meats Factory.  Soon thereafter, the two submitted plans for the development of phase one of the property.  But only three months later, the site was demolished by a major fire that sent  smoke billowing all over Portland.  The factory had been closed since 2005 and was a large employer in the area. In between 2005 and 2010, Westin Hotels purchased the property with the intent of developing the property, but never did.

Phase One of the development included a luxury Hampton Inn, whose franchise Wolgan owns, a Sebago Brewing Co. restaurant and Portside condominium units that reportedly sold quickly.  All properties face on Fore Street which faces Portland  Harbor.

No one at Opeeche Construction, NH, responded to a telephone call and an email from