Portland Water District Hosts Area Meeting on Waste Water AT Treatment Facility; 12/5/12

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,229)

Area residents are invited to an open house and informational meeting on Wednesday, December 5th at the East End Waste WaterTreatment Facility.  The meeting begins at 6 pm and is at the Facility at the end of Marginal Way, Portland. 

Those attending will have an opportunity to learn more about the plant and a recent review of odor control processes completed by consulting engineer Bowker & Associates.  The consulting group recently completed a comprehensive draft of the plan to eliminate the odors which some have noticed since this past summer.

The meeting is in response to concerns of some residents on the Hill about intensified odor coming from the Plant.  The subject came up at the District 1 Neighborhood Meeting on November 7th at the East End Community School.  Mike Murray, community laison with the city, announced that a meeting would be held early in December.

For more information on the meeting, please contact Michelle  Clements, public relations manager, for the Portland Water District.  774-5961, ext. 3050 or mclements@pwd.org

Please see post # 1,265, dated 11/26/12 herein  for more background information on the subject.