“Because I love my neighborhood, Munjoy Hill, and the city it sits at the end of, and because my work takes me out of town for much of a year, I find that the Munjoy Hill News keeps me connected to the notion of home. Going to the site and simply viewing photos of Portland and the HIll, not to mention the news writing, is enough to mitigate the discomfort of being away. I check in every few days.”

Chris Akerlind
Tony Award Winner of the 2005 Best Lighting Design in a Musical for
The Light in the Piazza

5 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Thanks for putting this site up!! I lived on the hill for most of my preteen to adult years and now im wayyyy up north near Canada. This site really makes me think of home. Thanks again!!

  2. Thanks Cliff very much. I have grown to really care a lot about Portland and Munjoy Hill especially.

  3. Carol: Just wanted to tell you that I’m a regular reader and am always struck by your enthusiasm for all things Portland. Never loose faith that many are paying attention. At times I’m sure it seems like you’re writing and no one’s reading. Not so.


  4. Carol,

    Thank You for caring enough about our community to write about it! What a great way to keep us all connected! Thanks and keep it up! I promise never to give you a “no comment”

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