Council Passes Resolution Objecting to Governor’s Budget Strategy; Minus Leeman

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,326)

The City Council passed a resolution tonight expressing strong opposition to provisions included in the recently proposed state budget that would significantly shift the burden of funding state government to the property tax and property tax payer.  The vote was unanimous with Councilor Cheryl Leeman, (R),  leaving council chambers just before the vote was taken.

“We are facing financial uncertainty in Augusta unlike what we’ve seen in 25 years.  Trying to craft a budget not knowing what we will have is unfair to Portland,” Mayor Michael  Brennan said.   “The Governor’s budget shifts $400,000. back to municipilities.”

John Anton, (G), said balancing the budget on the “backs of Portland is not appropriate.”

Ben Roberts, a local car salesman, said that to blame the Governor for cutting funding is “disingenuous.”   The City should just reduce its spending he said.